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    A Day At Andrews’ Scenic Acres

    Exploring Andrews' Scenic Acres in Milton, Ontario

    I have always been a fan of berry picking, but have never really had the chance to do so over the years. Recently, I have really been enjoying getting out and exploring my area and Andrews’ Scenic Acres is a little gem hidden in Milton, Ontario. I had visited here last Fall for flower picking and we enjoyed it so much we knew we had to go back in the Summer. I know visiting Andrews’ is only going to become more frequent, especially when Fall comes! Pumpkin picking, flower picking and yummy food – how can you go wrong?

    When we pulled up to Andrews’ Scenic Acres we were so excited to get inside! We went on the weekend, which sadly happened to be a scorcher so we weren’t able to get as many photos as we would have loved. Once we paid and got our berry basket, we walked to the tractor stop and hopped onto the tractor which took us for a ride to the berry fields. Little man loved the tractor ride and helping pick the raspberries off the bushes and put them into the basket which was so cute. He was having so much fun being outside and running up and down the rows of berries that he tired himself out by the end of the trip.

    Exploring Andrews' Scenic Acres in Milton, Ontario

    When we were done with the raspberries, we walked over to the blueberry fields and had much more luck there. It took all of our willpower to wait until we got home to eat our berries, but it was so worth it! I sprinkled a few over my oatmeal the next morning with a drizzle of maple syrup and it was so amazing. We then hopped back on the tractor and we sadly didn’t end up stopping to pick any strawberries since it was so hot.

    After picking a mountain of berries and getting some much needed fresh air and sun, we headed into the barn to check out the store. We ended up picking up strawberries from inside the store, so we were happy about that. They also carried my favourite brand of honey so I couldn’t resist! There was a huge assortment of baked treats like pies, butter tarts, and even a little station to grab a tea or coffee. Besides their baked treats, they carried pre-picked berries as well as some really yummy snacks. I am obsessed with sweet potato chips at the moment and ended up grabbing two bags while the hubby splurged on peanut brittle. Delicious!

    Exploring Andrews' Scenic Acres in Milton, Ontario

    I am so happy that we ended up going back to Andrews’ Scenic Acres because it was just as enjoyable as it was last Fall. I wanted to get some peonies but sadly must have missed them, so I will have to get there earlier next year! If you are from the GTA then I highly suggest heading over there for a day of summer fun. They have tons of activities for kids so it makes for a perfect day trip. I really hope you guys enjoyed this little photo diary and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures soon!

    What is your favourite way to spend a day in Summer?

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